Is it too hot…. or is it too cold?

Lord help me.

At the ripe young age of 35, I can truly sympathise with women going through the menopause.

One of the symptoms of CFS that really gets to me at times is how I have trouble regulating my body temperature.  I think the science behind this is that our heart function is weakened due to mitochondrial dysfunction, which therefore is unable to circulate blood properly so it’s unable to take heat to the cold areas or take away heat from the hot areas.

I’ve simplified that massively of course.

Over the last few months I’d felt so hot that I’d switched the radiator off in my room. It was around 1 degree celsius outside, it’s Winter here.  I’m sure I drove my housemates mad because I was sure it was too hot and would switch the heating off after a few hours.  I could feel the cold in my room, I could feel it on my skin, but it felt so good!  Any more than a few hours of having the radiator on and my face would go entirely red and I would have to open my window for a couple of hours for it to cool down.  Again, sleep was a nightmare to achieve as I was just too hot.  I went through a phase of being woken up sweating at 6am by the heating coming on so ended up having my radiator off constantly.  (I’m sure this wasn’t good for my immune system and probably contributed to me getting viruses)

This by the way isn’t normal for me at all, usually I’m freezing cold.

I’d always gotten flashes, hot and cold.  Every now and then.  I’ve recently started taking D-Ribose.  I take 5g, three times a day, if I can.  Mostly I’ve been managing to take it around twice a day.  Ever since I started taking this, I will be laying down in bed and notice that my body is experience shivering tingles up and down, it’s like hot and cold flashes at once.  I can get this at any time of day.  It’s very interesting and I wonder whether the Ribose is working?

And then now we’re back to being freezing!!!  Last night, I felt so cold.  I was freezing.  But it wasn’t that cold outside.  The heating was on quite high, I was snuggled in bed.  I have a fan heater in my room, so put that on for an hour.  It was now so hot, I could feel the heat but I still felt cold.  And then all of a sudden…BAM the hot flashes started again.

AAAAHHHHHH…. but at least I slept well.



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